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Millions of people are collaborating in their job each day. The truth is that scheduling, delegating tasks, doing automations and getting an overview of your business has never been easier than it is today, due to the enormous number of tools available to help you.
Standards have slowly formed within most industries, but generally speaking, each tool has its own functionality and its own way of solving a specific case. This means that there might be a tool out there to fit all your needs, but chances are that you either have to combine tools or be extremely lucky if your exact needs can be fulfilled exactly and optimally by one tool.
Do you think that your company's needs can fit into a box or do you experience that you have slightly other needs or processes than other companies?
We are a dedicated team of data-driven individuals, who enjoys everything related to workflows, optimization, data and automation. We have set out to build the ideal tool for collaborating that can be tailored specifically to your needs – whoever you are, and whatever your needs might be.
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