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Welcome to continuous feedback with teamble!

September 6th, 2021

Everybody wants more continuous feedback at work but few people get the feedback they need.

That is why we built Teamble! Teamble makes 360 feedback simple, continuous, and meaningful.

Feedback conversations (especially the ones that make a difference) are hard to come by. As a result, organizations are struggling to meaningfully coach, engage, develop, and retain their people. The sudden shift to remote made this challenge even more difficult.

Our goal is to help companies, managers and teams develop team rituals that foster ongoing and meaningful feedback through very simple tools that live where you work: in Slack and Microsoft Teams.

We want every organization to be able to build a workplace culture that is “people first”; where individual growth and development is the priority; even when we are working remotely!

Whether you are a remote, agile or a project team, Teamble is the best platform to start building a culture of continuous feedback for all teams.

Who are we?

We are a mission-driven organization taking on a challenge to change the way companies develop and grow talent today.

We have worked for decades on organizational and culture transformation at several “Best Companies to Work For” and we want to help every organization to be one.

We help organizations get rid of outdated talent development practices and clunky HR systems and  that treat people as “assets” or “resources” vs. the talented and passionate individuals we all are.

We believe that we can all find harmony in work & life by being more effective and smart about how we work (e.g.; aspire to have 4 day workweeks while making lasting impact

We believe that with the right tools and practices any organization can develop, grow and become an environment that is a “best place to work for”

We are already used by 650+ teams and 4K+ users in some of the “Best Companies to Work For”

To start exploring teamble please add us to your Slack workspace hereMicrosoft Teams here or schedule a demo here.